Nephthys (nephthys_uk) wrote,

Happy in Hudds

Well, Knightvision and I have been in Huddersfield for a week now :-) We have 101% made the right choice, it feels *right* being here and the negative, suffercating smog of negatively that weaved us into the depths of depression has seemed to dissapear .... wo-hoo! ;-)

Sit in an internet cafe cum (oh-err) lazer quest up near my work, in Claire Hill ... drinking Red Berry and Kiwi Reef and listening to Industrial music which is being played; loudly. This is the life .... saturday afternoons are fab hey?

New job is great, so much less work and stress than previously, I'll have a case-load of 15 max where as in Northampton my case load was 45 - plus the work I'll be doing is so much less intensive. However, the only draw back is that I'll be dealing with less Refugee's than I thought, and more young people (16-25) I've got 9 on my caseload already, and all of them are english. Nevermind, it's not that Im too bothered, its just that I've got more experience working directly with Asylum Seekers and non-UK nationals. Bah. Colleagues are lovely though, all women, and all anti-war :-)

Have been having fun staying with Viktoria33, although we should be moving next week into a 2-bed flat for a couple of months until the house becomes legally ours. It's all moving along smoothly now. Unlike my eyebrows which are pure stubble. He,he they look better eyelinered-in, I've decided :-)

Internet access has been patchy, so sorry if I've been ignoring everyone. Will try and catch up next week once we are in our own place. So time to spell check this. Suck eggs if you care!! ;-)
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