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Journal of the Nephthys - of course!


21 October
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Hmmm .... UK based female, with multitude of bizarre and mostly unmentionable interests *Mwahhhhhh* The less obscene ones are detailed in the ever-increasing list below.

Nephthys vacillates between Cyber(the summer month's seduce out my neon clothing, and plastic hair) and Goth (the winter month's seduce out my atmospheric interest in lace and velvet!) She does, however; actually ~hate~ using labels. Especially to describe herself. But, as overall she is one seething mass of contradiction, she feels that at this moment in time nothing else will do the job.

Has partner, entrepreneurial skills, and tiring but rewarding job (don't wanna be in the damn rat-race though!)

Proposed "friends" should e-mail and (usually) be added. Unless crazy psychopaths. In such cases, addition will be automatic, as one likes to associate with similar beings ;-) (Posts are increasingly "Friends-Only")

afterlife, alcohol, alex grey, aliens, alt.gothic.fashion, angel sanctuary, angelic layer, angels, animal rights, animals, anime, apoptygma berzerk, astral projection, auctions, audition, ayumi hamasaki, bats, battle royale, big boots, bizarre humour, buddhism, camden, candles, castles, cats, chardonnay, chobits, clothing, clubbing, consciousness, conspiracy, corsets, cosplay, countryside, covenant, crop circles, cuddles, cyber, cybergoth, dale cooper, dance dance revolution, dancing, darkness, david icke, david lynch, delerium, dinner parties, dir en grey, dmt, dogs, dreamcast, ebay, ebm, egl, egypt, engima, eroticism, ethereal, fetish, forests, friendship, gabba, gabber, geisha, ghosts, goa, goteki, goth, gothic, gothic lolita, great teacher onizuka, gto, hair extensions, halo, harajuku, hard trance, healing, horror, horror movies, horses, human rights, hyperspace, infected mushroom, intuition, j-dorama's, j-drama's, j-pop, j-rock, japan, japanese, japanese animation, japanese movies, japanese people, junk, koishite shinitai, lace, london, love hina, loyalty, lsd, mad capsule markets, magic mushrooms, malice mizer, manga, meditation, modelling, mysticism, nekoi, nexus magazine, oldskool, paranormal, peace, penpals, plastic hair, psilocybin, psy-trance, psychedelics, psychic, psycho bitch, psydoll, pvc, reading, refugees, regenerator, reiki, remote viewing, rope bondage, serial experiments lain, shamanism, sleep, slimelight, soulmates, spiritual, t-shirt design, takashi sorimachi, techno, terrence mckenna, theology, tibet, tokyo, travelling, twin peaks, ufos, ultraviolence, vampire folklore, vegetarian, vnv nation, vodka, x-box