Nephthys (nephthys_uk) wrote,

Huddersfield Peeps!!!! Need help!

Just how bad, btw, is Sheepridge?
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Sheepridge is near Brackenhall and Fartown, and as a friend who was raised there tells me, it had a reputation of not being a very pleasant area! He says it has calmed down over the years, but personally I wouldn't like to live anywhere near Fartown *shudder*

Are you looking at property in Sheepridge or something? If so, it's definitely not worth buying a house and being tied down to such an area. At least with renting, you can leave whenever you like :)
Thanks for the reply. There was a house that looked quite appealing, but of course, in Sheepridge. So, I guess it's a no no ;-) We want to buy a place, so we've got something to relay on for when we move to Japan. Back to the drawing board! We are looking at Paddock, Marsh, Almondbury etc.
Good luck :)

If you don't find anything in those places, you could always try Milnsbridge ;) (I live there of course *lol*) It's about 20 minutes walk from the town centre.
Almondbury was nice... but what would I know... I'm moving to leeds...

Years and years ago, Almondbury was known as the focal point of this area and not Huddersfield, since they gained their market license almost 200 years before they did. Or something like that!

Pointless fact #99!
We are also thinking of Leeds, depends on where I can get a job .... We want countryside though!
Hmm, I've not heard of Sheepridge, but if it's anywhere near Fartown or Birkby I'd avoid it!

I'd also avoid Lowerhouses too, I lived there for a year and it was hardly the nicest place. Saw loads of windows get done in, and cars getting smashed up *during the day* which was quite worrying. We got letters from the police saying not to worry 'cos the "reign of terror" will be brought to a stop. Considering two of my housemates are from Rushden (lovely!) we thought this was quite funny, as Rushden's far worse... ;-)

I'm living in Lockwood at the moment, have done for about 18 months. It seems a really nice area, and it's just out of town so close enough to walk in.
Ahh, seems to be some nice houses in Lockwood in fact. Might try there. Have you seen Corby? that really *is* dire!
Yep, Corby's the worst place I've ever been!
I was due to be working there after I finished in Kettering over summer, thankfully I had to quit work due to illness before then!

I'd recommend Lockwood, check out the area first though. As you get up the hill away from the main road the houses look a bit dicey, hehe. I'm just one road away, so it's pretty cool (and cheap!).
Haha, well I guess that puts a stop to that idea then ^_~
Isn't Sheepridge between Fartown and Deighton? 2 places I don't want to live... My housemate moved to a nice bit of deighton, so his g/f can get the train into town.

Birkby's not too bad, though the bits west of St John's road/wheathouse road look better. I live backing onto norman park, near where Viktoria used to live.

But then, there are people who have polar opposite ideas about any area.

It really depends on what you're after and what you can afford.
Ideal: 2/3 beds, near countryside *and* town centre, quiet, cool non-judgemental folks as neighbours, cellar and/or attic, no "scally's" hanging around on the corner wanting to chuck bricks at us, £72000 max! "Hello God - can you do me a miricle please?" heh ;-)
Yep, I'll settle for a 2 bedroom house as long as it's got a decent cellar to convert. The thought of sleeping underground is just so.......appealing ^_~ and as caves don't have electricity points, a cellar will have to do...