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[10 Aug 2003|09:42pm]
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[02 Jun 2003|10:21pm]
[ mood | pensive ]

Just got back from my first Japanese lesson at college. Ross and I started the private tutoring last week, and the teacher, Mako, is fab! She is so humorous whilst teaching and the best thing is that she doesn't even realise it ;-) She's just devious and manages to "teach" us without us knowing. Ross of course would "fight" against learning if it wasn't for those devious tactics of hers ;-) It's going well.

I seem to be go going through a period of change of late. Can't put my finger of why; although I guess on reflection it may be related to the move up to Huddersfield. I'm not sure if I like it although in many ways it is liberating. I've taken up hobbies and interests that I'd long forgotten about or lacked the confidence to pursue. In that respect I feel rather fulfilled. I'm not that used to self-analysis anymore and I don't know how much I really feel comfortable with it, although I admit that it is a great characteristic to have perfected if you are lucky enough to have mastered it. Too much can be detrimental, but equally, too little can be worse still.

David is in Japan again and seems to be enjoying himself if the postcard this morning is anything to go by. Wonder what the weather is like as it has been a damn oven over here!! I don't think he'll be coping too well with the heat. Of course, that is such a menial thing to be interested in; I rather wonder how the relationship between him and his new Japanese nurse girlfriend is going too; and hope that the same of pattern of behaviour is not repeated..... and that they'll both be happy this time.

Have been really busy lately; attended the Wendyhouse with Ross and Jenny, although I can honestly say that it was too much like the Soundhaus for my liking - but as it was the 5th birthday I wonder if that made a difference from the norm. I would go again though of course :-) But clubbing is losing it's appeal at the moment. I think I'll prefer Implant and the Black Veil events. When I go clubbing for weekends on end I get so sick of the sheer pointlessness of it; but when I've not been for ages I long for it like a sick dog. I predict that I'm not the only one to feel that way ....... Wanted to go to the IKON gig tonight, but remembered that I don't get paid until Wednesday. Isn't it shitty that my music-loving soul is repressed by my lack of finances? Bah!

Have been shopping in GRIN at Leeds for the last few weekends, as they've have a £5.00 sale on - so I picked up 6 Omen items (uninspiring really, but cheap so even if they get ebayed I'd make ££££) and some birthday pressies for Michiyo. Did the Pizza Express thing. Would you EVEN believe that? ;-)

Had a photoshoot with Keith Evan's Should have some good shots - this is the only one I've seen so far and it's not that clear, but I get the pick of the stills, of which 160 were taken. Got some more Leed's shoot's to organise too.

I'm still really enjoying my job and I feel that I now have the skills to really benefit my clients; what I do for them really seems to make a difference hence increasing my altruistic nature :-) And I must learn to exercise my language ability and not just keep saying "really" ARGGH I annoy myself SO MUCH at times :-) Although the driving to Dewsbury is a bit scary at times. I feel totally un-in-control although all the other women drivers I've told seem to confirm that they always feel like that behind the wheel. *Julia ducks whilst being shot at by the feminist, competent women driver's on the old' LJ friends list!!*

Got the contracts on the house in Lindley, so we are only talking a couple of weeks until we move again :-( and :-) Saw the Matrix. Not impressed really. Too much like a run-of-the-mill film for my liking, although it was exciting to go the "late showing" and not get home until 3.00am as it's been AGES (5 years?) since I've done that!!

Blah Blah Blah .... must try and update on more regular basis ... blah blah blah ..... same old shit. xx

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[03 May 2003|05:18pm]
Been into town to get a second Xbox controller, so knightvision and I are off to have some two-players. I'll kick his monkey ass ;-)
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[01 May 2003|05:34pm]
Bah. So sorry for the lack of update. The more I have to write about the more disasterous the thought of updating is! In brief (ie, very) ... Got asked about doing some modelling whilst in Town with Ross last week, and lost the ladies number which I'm really pissed off about, went to Beyond the Veil which was fab, went to London with Psydoll and friends, who are all the sweetest bunch of sweeties you could meet, came back, mum visited, dad visited, have no money, job is great, chain complete on house, should be moving AGAIN in 6-8 weeks. Phew ;-) How's that?
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[22 Apr 2003|06:23pm]
Beyond the Veil was truely amazing. Full of friendly folks, druken Japanese-practicing, and poncing about. Just *my* sort of weekend. Oh, and the bands were brilliant too, of course they are an after thought though ;-) Will update more when we return home, which is now Huddersfield, not skanky Northampton (sadie: WHY did you have to go THERE, it'such a grey mass of industrial stinking turd LOL, poor you)

At the moment sitting in Kings Cross internet cafe, after being forced here in order to get directions to Gossip's, which we are attending tonight with Nekoi and Crew (Well done Psydoll!) plus Trish and the other bloke (who's name I WILL know by the end of the evening!) who organised Beyond the Veil :-)

Bye bye
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Happy in Hudds [12 Apr 2003|02:22pm]
Well, Knightvision and I have been in Huddersfield for a week now :-) We have 101% made the right choice, it feels *right* being here and the negative, suffercating smog of negatively that weaved us into the depths of depression has seemed to dissapear .... wo-hoo! ;-)

Sit in an internet cafe cum (oh-err) lazer quest up near my work, in Claire Hill ... drinking Red Berry and Kiwi Reef and listening to Industrial music which is being played; loudly. This is the life .... saturday afternoons are fab hey?

New job is great, so much less work and stress than previously, I'll have a case-load of 15 max where as in Northampton my case load was 45 - plus the work I'll be doing is so much less intensive. However, the only draw back is that I'll be dealing with less Refugee's than I thought, and more young people (16-25) I've got 9 on my caseload already, and all of them are english. Nevermind, it's not that Im too bothered, its just that I've got more experience working directly with Asylum Seekers and non-UK nationals. Bah. Colleagues are lovely though, all women, and all anti-war :-)

Have been having fun staying with Viktoria33, although we should be moving next week into a 2-bed flat for a couple of months until the house becomes legally ours. It's all moving along smoothly now. Unlike my eyebrows which are pure stubble. He,he they look better eyelinered-in, I've decided :-)

Internet access has been patchy, so sorry if I've been ignoring everyone. Will try and catch up next week once we are in our own place. So time to spell check this. Suck eggs if you care!! ;-)
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[30 Mar 2003|10:53pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Packing ... Bah!

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[20 Feb 2003|05:34pm]
It's looking likely that I've got a job in Huddersfield ;-) Pending references etc... Wow ... our life starts here! There is *so* much to do (Carmilla - you know this right?!) will start house-hunting soon ;-)
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[03 Feb 2003|04:47pm]
I’m such a moaning cow! Indeed I am; but I always seem to have things to moan about. The bloody computer! We have spent £600 in the last 6 months on upgrades and the like, yet still, last night, it decided to error, and now the whole thing is wiped. The Computer Doctors have apparently been at my house for over 5 hours, at a lovely cost of £40 an hour. At the ripe old age of 23, I must now be forced to ask my mum to lend me the money to pay for their services. Right, firstly, does anybody else have these problems? How can we avoid having to lose everything every month or so? Help help help – at least I have the chance to use works computer to check my beloved auctions (which are also a pain in the ass when nothing sells! – help help help – buy my camera someone!) … but poor Ross has no access now at all, until the problem is sorted ~sulks~ Well, perhaps if we weren’t so addicted, it wouldn’t matter.

This weekend I decided that I’m going to start donating to the anti-war campaign and the organisation that want to close down Huntingdon Life (Death) Sciences – if I can’t attend the demos due to lack of transport, the least I can do is give a little money. I’d love to start going to demo’s again if anyone is interested….. just like I want to take up horse riding when we move to Huddersfield. Speaking of which, still no news on the job front. Waiting to hear from two at present. All I seem to waffle about it that!

Well, the better news is that we are well on the way to booking tickets for Beyond the Veil, which we’re looking forward to muchly, and also we’ve booked the Mad Capsule Market tickets .. hmm, this being BEFORE we knew about the computer.

Ross and I are going to go out for a really special meal next week to celebrate five years together and our fifth valentine’s day. For once, I’ve made sure it’s not Pizza Express! Much as I love Pizza Express, It gets slightly embarrassing with all the staff knowing us on 1st name terms! Its great to look back and see how happy we’ve been, although Ross is assured that we have more bad luck than other people … I think people make their own luck in life, to an extent.

Nearly time to go home, I’ll write back to all my comments tomorrow. Sayonara!
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[29 Jan 2003|09:00pm]
Thought I'd pinch this from my lovely one's (Knightvision) journal ;-) We're excited to see Nekoi again *bounce* .....

Have just got a mail from my favourite Japanese Goth band's vocalist Nekoi, and it turns out her band Psydoll are coming to England for a gig in April!

For those of you not familiar with the band, allow me to try and describe their music: They have a dark, and very atmospheric sound which is a sort of Goth/industrial hybrid with hints of chaotic medieval in the mix. Nekoi's vocals are anime inspired (indeed, she is also a highly skilled professional manga artist), and are highly original, both in lyric's and sound.It all comes together perfectly to produce one of the freshest sounding bands ever imo. They could almost have their own genre!

I would highly recommend anyone who has an interest in the Goth/industrial scenes, or anime, or Japanese culture to come and see them live.
Nephthys & I met up with Nekoi in Shinjuku last year, and she has a lot of great ideas which I'm certain will translate well into a stunning live performance.

OK OK, the details:
You can see them over the Easter holiday weekend in April at the Goth weekend event Beyond The Veil the flyer for which can be viewed here
The rest of the event looks very interesting too, and any promoter that brings over such original bands, rather than the usual predicable crap deserves to be supported imo.

This will be my only public journal entry, and I'll go back to friends only as usual now.
I just wanted to let as many people as possible know about this event!

Hope to see you all there ^_^

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[22 Jan 2003|07:09pm]
[ mood | blah ]

Right. Why, do I put on 3lbs in 4 days!!? I *know* that they say you retain water near that-time-of-the-month, but surely not THAT much??

Sulking today. Want to see Covenant @ Electrofest. Don't have 'nough money to see Mad Capsules AND Covenant. I think MCM's will win though as I'd already seen Covenant, and not MCM. :-( At least I'll actually be going to London though for a change ... we've not actually been since Yoco visited last year!! Big Big Sulk. Ah! Payday tomorrow. That will cheer me up :-) Want to buy boots from
here Can anyone give me some feedback on that company as I've not ordered from them before ....

Closing date for another job on Friday, fingers crossed! I want this
:-) So, better cross those toes too.

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[14 Jan 2003|08:19pm]
[ mood | full ]

Phew. Really tiring few weeks. Lots of visits from friends, going out, shopping, and basically having no time to devote to doing the things that I really should be doing - those mundane but essential things such as, err, job hunting!

Well, the New Year is well underway. I have a list of New Years Ressies as long as my arm - most include the words Japan, Weight, and House. Same as last year really!

Ross's birthday on Friday and Mum's yesterday (She liked her flowers!) .... Ross is getting some special edition Ayu box-set, which I don't think has been released yet, plus some surprises as I get paid on Friday - at last!

Finally the month has arrived that we have some god-damn disposable income; so I want to buy some new boots, new clothes (maybe another corset) and my Mad Capsule Markets tickets from later in the year.

Will watch that very insightful "Wife Swap" programme later, and see if its as hilariously stomach churning as last week. Heh.

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[03 Jan 2003|01:24am]

What kind of goth are you? Take it here!

How come these quiz's are never accurate? Bah! After I've recovered from NYE; I'll post an update ;-)
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[31 Dec 2002|05:54pm]
[ mood | giddy ]

I am awaiting for Jenny to arrive in order to start the Absinthe drinking and New Years Eve celebration session ..... Hmmmmm *drools copious amounts of green-coloured drool* Decided that we'll not go to Slimes as we're still on the must-avoid-London paranoia, so we will all trot on down to the Blast Chamber (Soundhaus) instead. Ross has decided to wear my J-Goth design on a t-shirt tonight, which means I've finally passed his amazingly high standards and ventured into to unknown territories of creditability ;-)

Feeling generally happy tonight as I've managed to fit into an outfit which is one size smaller than I really am (guesses on a postcard please) and I've stuck to my "fat-blasting diet" of soup (carrots, celery, couple of new potatoes, kidney beans and onion) the whole day, and I've been working out at least three times a week too for the last couple of weeks. I hate the way my diet rules my life, but I would just be inappropriately massive without this meticulous planning.

Was visited by David for a couple of days up until yesterday. Him and Ross are cooking up schemes to enable them to afford to visit Tokyo again in April, leaving poor old penny-less moi in the UK. I would just seethe with jealously should he go, but I know Ross can only truly be happy when he is in Japan. I too could go, but I'd rather have some disposable income in 2003; plus we are planning the trip to Finland for Michiyo's wedding, and at least one Goth-type festival overseas, alongside Xmas shopping in Prague. So, in a sense, I hope it materialises as my ultimate concern is making Ross happy; but the trouble would be, is that we spend the whole of 2003 paying for the damn trip and being skint the whole year again - just as has happened this year. Tsk ....enough "nagging" ..... what will be, invariably, will be.

I hope all my LJ pal's enjoy themselves tonight, and have a prosperous 2003 ;-)

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[18 Dec 2002|06:23pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Hmm ... not sure if I really want to spent Xmas at David's in the centre of London due to terrorist threats ... sounds paranoid but we are never told the truth extent of things by this shite government. May well ask him if he wants to spend Xmas here instead ..... And, I'm refusing to cook turkey for anyone! Simple as that. Is there anything worth doing in London between 25-28th Dec btw?

Very busy day at work, its lovely to be home and for Ross to be sleeping better .... its two full nights in a row now, which is great. He actually feels "normal" now, well, not that normal, as too normal is ....horrid ..... but basically *not* exhausted.

Got a £100 cheque this morning from parents, of which £38 will go to posting Yoco's Xmas presents to Japan .... :-( She's got lots of goodies though, I hope she'll like them. I know it's been left a little late really, but, well, she'll have to have them for New Year instead.

The film last night was bizarre, about a town cursed by, spirals, of all things. It's an abstract idea, which is done soundly, with lots of unusual, slowwwwww characters (Not Muppet slow, just not-rushed!) No real explanation of past and/or future though ... quite a linear screenplay, but lots of the more subjective aspects were not spelled out. I was left thinking .... but why this? and why that? .... definitely worth seeing though overall.

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Huddersfield Peeps!!!! Need help! [04 Dec 2002|06:12pm]
Just how bad, btw, is Sheepridge?
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[20 Nov 2002|02:33pm]
Had a reasonably quiet time of things of late. The computer is pissing us off BIG TIME, it’s crashed again and we are going to have to put the dreaded boot disk in tonight; I have such a love/hate relationship with the damn piece of shite! On one hand it allows me to keep in touch with my beloved ones, and maintain and create additional source of social life, it allows me to basically have ANY information I want at my finger-tips (and not just the run of the mill illuminate-controlled rubbish, REAL info; you have to know where to look ~grin~) plus I can use it as a tool which creates a source of income – ie, my auctions and t-shirt selling. On the “Grr” side; it caused so much stress when it crashes, and we lose everything that we haven’t been bothered to save for the last year or so, and it always take so much time, and of course, my main bone of contention with it is that Ross seems to be completed addicted to it, and would (sometimes!) rather spend time on that, than with me (I’m sure he’ll have something to say on the contrary to the matter!)

The press are coming here shortly to interview us all about the Asylum Seekers, at which point I shall depart swiftly to lunch – not wishing to be misquoted, over-heard (swearing no doubt!) or even wanting to speak with such cocksuckers anyway! Everyone is tidying up much to my disgust. Hello? Do you think that the press would tidy-up especially for YOU? I don’t think so! It’s only the goddamn local paper as it is. Well …….. Also seen two MORE jobs in Leeds working with my client group. So that’s FOUR in total. Changes are I’ll get one of them. Probably the one with the least salary furthest away – but that’s life! The closing date for the 1st job I’ve applied for is today, so should be hearing soon.

Should be redoing Ross’s hair this weekend, as its now long enough to put his blue and black yarn dreads in, but I’m going to miss his “Neo” look. No other plans except for completing more application forms for mortgages and jobs etc….. Was on the phone to Natwest for an hour yesterday, but I’ve negotiated a really good variable rate (or should they be avoided?) n their graduate mortgage scheme……heh,heh. Clever girl – open a student account, leave uni, omit to tell the bank you dropped-out, and they automatically change your account to a graduate account after 3 years. AND they lend 4 times salary. I’ve hit gold there I think ;-)
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Woof Woof Bow Bow [16 Nov 2002|06:30pm]
What Type Of Anime Character Are You?

brought to you by Quizilla
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[14 Nov 2002|04:50pm]
Checkout my eBay Auctions

Items include TWO new t-shirt (Skinny Tee’s & Normal Fit T-shirts, Long and Short Sleeved) designs; ”J-Goth” and “Cyber Slut” plus massive range of other gothic t-shirts and silkscreen printed velvet dresses (to follow this weekend)

Cheers ;-)
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[03 Nov 2002|10:32pm]

how would you commit suicide?
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